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Humanising robo-advice

"Robo-advice firm Wealth Horizon aims to provide investors with a tailored investment strategy in less than half an hour."

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Brave new world: Three things that changed advice forever in 2014

"...if RDR has disenfranchised many millions from having access to regulated advice, then Wealth Horizon is, we believe, a new option."

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Now you can get investment advice from £12.50

The service is slick and not overwhelming and certainly lives up to its promise of making investment simple to understand.

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Advisers Plan to Drop Investors

While the traditional model of face to face advise may out-price those with smaller portfolios, there have been a range of new online based portfolio planning and wealth advisers offering low-cost alternatives.

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Because you’re worth it: why millennials need financial advice

A new online advice service is hoping to show 20 and 30-somethings that advice is not out of reach.

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How can you find financial advice without paying through the nose?

Wealth Horizon found that 39 per cent of just over 1,000 do-it-yourself investors surveyed said they had decided to go it alone because 'financial advisers are too expensive'.

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‘DIY’ investors surge to 23m (but 2m say advice would help)

There are currently 23m people in the UK looking after their own investments rather than using a professional adviser, according to new research from online adviser Wealth Horizon, although the findings suggest that more than 2m think their portfolios would perform better with advice.

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Online advice service launches for investors

A new advisory service, Wealth Horizon, aims to put an end to the so-called ‘advice gap’, making investing more accessible and affordable to all, by allowing customers to access as much or as little investment advice as they wish via its website.

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Can't afford a financial adviser and unsure how to go it alone? New start-up Wealth Horizon offers online investing advice

Are you apprehensive about investing through DIY websites but not rich enough to stump up high fees for face-to-face help from an adviser?Spotting an opportunity, start-up firm Wealth Horizon has launched a halfway house option for people in this situation - a website that is automated but has human advisers behind the scenes to help investors through the process of setting up a portfolio.

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Money Marketing – ‘The advice industry has moved away from the person on the street’

"We are starting with the clients' needs and servicing them as appropriate at the time, providing clients with as much or as little advice as they need."

Financial Times logo - Simplified advice won’t become mis-selling, vows regulator

Chris Williams, Chief Executive of Wealth Horizon, a new online investment site, said: "Clients' needs are often very simple and these need to be met first… The industry, with the support of the FCA, needs to start exploring the middle ground.”

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Financial Times - FCA warns over advice shake-up

Investors who have received formal investment advice from a regulated firm have more recourse if things go wrong than those who have received only guidance. ..filling a gap for investors who cannot afford full financial advice but lack the knowledge, confidence or time to invest themselves.

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Morningstar - Technology will change financial advice

Chris Williams, CEO of Wealth Horizon said, “Clients are already using technology as part of their everyday lives and are increasingly looking for advice online…. While the majority of customers are happy looking for advice online, that is not to say they no longer crave any form of human interaction.”

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The Express - Stay one step ahead of looming rate hike

This is a view shared by Chris Williams from online consumer advisory service Wealth Horizon. “There is unanimous support for maintaining the current interest rate.”

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FT Adviser – New model has potential to 'change face' of advice market

The founder of Wealth Horizon, an internet and telephony based advisory service that will go live this August, with a complement of CF30s in place, said: “While face-to-face may still appeal to some, we cannot, and should not, assume that clients will not change their behaviours or their minds about how they want to be serviced.”

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Wealth Horizon certainly lives up to its promise of making investment simple to understand

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