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Wealth Horizon offers portfolios which have been built by Parmenion’s award winning Investment Management team in accordance to Nobel prize winning theories on portfolio investment by Harry Markowitz.

A pioneer of investment theory, he demonstrated that combining assets in different proportions enables investors to manage risk in their portfolios and potentially maximise the return on investment.

The investment portfolios we offer aim to provide the best balance of risk and reward for you. To do this we assess the risk you are willing and able to take, in order to recommend a risk graded portfolio which is based on 20 years of historical returns and academic research.

Our aim is to achieve the best possible return for you over the long term, based on the risk you are prepared to take.

Risk and return

The more risk you take, the greater the potential return on investment, but equally, the greater the chance of loss.

Our aim is to achieve the best possible return for you over the long term, based on the risk you are prepared to take. It is very important to manage risk across the investment portfolio to ensure it achieves the expected returns. We do this by looking at investment options through the lens of risk and reward.

While you may be willing to take a certain level of risk, you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks. It is important to always make sure you have sufficient short term savings to fall back on in emergencies and don’t over commit yourself.

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It is possible to protect yourself against risk by building a portfolio spread among a variety of asset classes, hoping that if one investment loses money, the other investments will make up for those losses. Asset allocation is the art of combining assets to achieve the highest level of return on investment for a given level of risk – it can be neatly summed up as 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket'.

The benefits of diverse passive investing

We don’t believe in frequent trading and timing the market - this can be difficult and costly. Instead we feel a better approach is to invest in a range of funds that trade infrequently which try to follow the market rather than attempt to game it.

The portfolios that Wealth Horizon offer are diversified and comprise of low-cost passive investment funds which are managed by Parmenion’s award winning Investment Management team who utilise decades of Nobel-prize winning theory on portfolio investment.

Managed so you don't have to - pie chart

Managed so you don't have to

Wealth Horizon will invest your money in a discretionary portfolio that will be managed on your behalf. A discretionary management service ensures your portfolio continues to be consistent with your goals and always stays in line with your preferred level of risk.

If you ever want to review your investment, you can do this anytime. At least annually, however, we will be in touch to ensure that your portfolio continues to be suitable and right for you.

Powered by Parmenion

Wealth Horizon is powered by Parmenion, an award winning investment and technology firm with several years experience of servicing Financial Advisers and their clients.

Both Parmenion and Wealth Horizon are wholly owned subsidiaries of Aberdeen Asset Management PLC

Powered by Parmenion

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How safe is my money?

Wealth Horizon is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).This means that your money is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

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Investment risk: Investment in the stock market is not a suitable place for short term money and you may not get back what you put in. All investment carries risk and it is important you understand this, if you are in any doubt about whether an investment is suitable for you, please contact us. Investment in the stock market and any income derived from it, may go down as well as up.

Wealth Horizon certainly lives up to its promise of making investment simple to understand

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