Cookie policy

a. What cookies are

We use cookies to improve the performance of our websites, and the quality
of your online experience.

A cookie is a piece of information that is saved to the hard drive of your
computer or mobile device. It remembers information about the configuration
of your computer or mobile device and will remember that you’ve visited
before. This improves your website browsing experience by storing
information so that you don’t have to give it several times.

A cookie typically doesn’t contain personal information, but has other browsing
details such as the domain from which the cookie has come from, a random
unique identifier code and the lifetime (expiry) of the cookie.

This policy was last updated on 3rd May 2018.

b. Types of cookies that we use

Cookie category

Purpose and/or usage

Range of expiry

Strictly necessary

These cookies are required to allow the website to function correctly by performing roles such as:

· Supporting the authentication.

· Supporting the navigation.

· Supporting the look and feel.

This type of cookie only lasts for the duration of time that you are logged in and interacting with the website, and expire when you log out, or automatically if you stop interacting with the website for a short period of time.


These cookies allow us to improve our products and services by performing roles such as:

· Help us count how many people visit this site by tracking if you’ve visited before.

· Help us track which pages you visit so that we know how and where to improve our products and services.

· Allow third parties to collect non-personally identifiable information about your usage of the service.

· Record whether we have notified you of our usage of cookies upon visiting this site for the first time.

Some cookies will expire when the site is closed, but others may have longer lifespans.


These cookies make the website more convenient and relevant by performing roles such as:

· Allowing you to reload the page without losing information that you’ve already entered

· Personalising the website according to your details, such as welcoming you by name.

· Personalising the website content to reflect your preferences, such as remembering your username for logging in faster in the future.

This type of cookie will remain on your hard drive unless you decide to delete them. If you decide to delete them the website may function differently.


These cookies make communications and advertising more relevant to you and your interests by performing roles such as:

· Allowing us to collect information about aggregated browsing habits so we can be more efficient with advertising campaigns. We may partner with third parties such as Google Adwords.

· Allowing us to collect information about individual user browsing habits so we can contact users, where permitted within the constraints of our Privacy Policy, so we can help users more appropriately and directly.

You can opt to disable other tracking cookies by updating your browser settings as described in section e. below

Some cookies will expire when the site is closed, but others may have longer lifespans.

c. What information is collected

We use cookies if you have registered for any of our online services, purchased a product or service online, or visited one of our websites.

Some cookies collect information such as:

· Recording how far through a process you are, allowing you to return to the same position at a later date.

· Maintaining your identity for a specified time whilst you are logged in, allowing you to use our websites without having to log in every time you navigate to a different page, ensuring your experience is secure and relevant.

To understand how Wealth Horizon processes your personal data, please view our Privacy Policy.

d. How we use this information

Some cookies contain information that never leave your machine, such as a preference to remember your username to make logging in quicker, or saving details that can be used to pre-populate a form at a later date.

Some cookies contain information that allow us to gather insights about how users interact with our websites, enabling us to measure things like which sections of our websites are used most. In conjunction with collection partners like Google Analytics, this information helps us to regularly assess and improve the usefulness of our websites.

e. How to disable cookies

If your browser supports it, you can disable and delete the cookies we use.

Depending on which browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.), and which version it is, there are different ways to disable and delete cookies. You can usually find out your browser type and version by opening the browser, clicking ‘Help’, and then clicking ‘About’.

Please note that amending your cookie settings may negatively affect your browsing experience. For example, if you previously decided that you want the browser to remember your username for a quicker signing-in experience next time you visit, and you delete this cookie, it will no longer work this way.

To find out how to manage cookies in general please visit

For information about managing cookies for common browsers:

For more information about, and to opt-out of third party cookies:

· Segment: You can learn more about how Segment works by visiting

· Google Analytics: You can learn more about what data Google collects in general by visiting

. If your browser supports it, you can prevent Google Analytics from using your data by using the Google Analytics opt-out browser add on.

· Google Ads: You can learn more, customise and opt-out of the Google Display Network by visiting

· Mouseflow: You can learn more about how Mouseflow works by visiting, or to opt out of Mouseflow entirely please visit

For further information about cookies in general:

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