The early investor catches the worm

Deadlines are a double edged sword. Organisations and businesses often need to work to specific timeframes and deadlines in order to function. HMRC needs to enforce a deadline on tax returns and universities require a date for applications to be in, for example. But while deadlines can encourage people to act – they also give … Read More

Investment lessons from the election

The general election has unsurprisingly swamped all other news in recent weeks. It’s made a lot more people interested in politics and how their country is run – and for this, it’s definitely been a positive. For some investors, and investment industry ‘experts’, it may also have served as a wakeup call too. Guess what? … Read More

Does your portfolio risk match your own?

We make risk related decisions every single day. They can be obvious ones – such as deciding how comprehensive you want your home insurance to be – or they can be quite innocuous, such as deciding to stay in bed for an extra 10 minutes on a Monday morning. Risk and return are generally positively … Read More

Selling your annuity: is taking your money back a good idea?

When the new pension freedom rules and regulations were announced, those already drawing their pension as an annuity didn’t think too much of it all. It was just some radical change that had come too late. That was, until Steve Webb started to float the idea of ‘cashing in annuities’. While the idea was largely … Read More

The Fund Grand National

The Fund Grand National – Where’s your money this year? Our latest infographic can help guide you to the finishing line. Just remember, funds are not horses!

Time to dive into the world of investing?

It might not be marked up alongside birthdays and holidays in your diary, but April 6th is a useful date to remember – the start of a new year. But while a new financial year might not have quite the same excitement and celebration as a new calendar year (outside of the financial world, anyway), … Read More

Investment information overload: Missing the wood for the trees

With so much investment information available – whether it’s online, in the weekend papers, or on the side of a taxi – it’s easy to get caught up in it all. You might read an article or a headline, it might prompt a question, then another one, and an hour later, you’re 10 articles deeper … Read More

Choosing an ISA: Make sure you don’t miss the boat

If you’re still sat with your money in cash, unsure where to put it, you’re not alone. There are lots more savers with exactly the same dilemma. (Our recent infographic, ‘Navigating the ISA road’, looks at the various methods and processes for choosing an ISA product.) There’s so much ISA information around at the moment … Read More

Are you just following the Cash ISA crowd?

March 5th will mark 6 years since the base rate dropped to 0.5%. A seventh year wouldn’t be too surprising, either. Especially with inflation expected to remain low for at least the rest of 2015. But, even with the base interest rate seemingly cemented at its historic low since 2009, the trend towards cash ISAs … Read More

Good advice for navigating the ISA road

As the end of the tax year draws nearer, make sure you invest in an ISA that’s right for you. Embed   Your FREE investment proposal See for yourself how quick and easy it is and get your FREE downloadable investment proposal.

Investment risk: Investment in the stock market is not a suitable place for short term money and you may not get back what you put in. All investment carries risk and it is important you understand this, if you are in any doubt about whether an investment is suitable for you, please contact us. Investment in the stock market and any income derived from it, may go down as well as up.

Wealth Horizon certainly lives up to its promise of making investment simple to understand

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