6 signs you’re dealing with a robo-adviser

For most people, receiving financial advice when investing money is crucial. Robo-advice has been the buzz word this year within the finance industry; the new way to deliver investment advice. Quicker, less expensive, more inclusive. The positives of online advice are clear. Perhaps unsurprisingly, comparisons between robo-advice and face-to-face advice have been a hot topic … Read More

Robo-advice isn’t just for millennials

‘Robo-advice’ is a good contender for the financial services buzz word of 2015. But, anyone who uses the term, seems to have a different interpretation of what it actually means. For some companies, it’s a word they don’t like to be associated with, while others are firmly flying the flag for robo-advice. While it may … Read More

Financial advice – an industry led by regulation or innovation?

The announcement of a review by the Treasury and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) into the accessibility and affordability of financial advice can only be welcomed with open arms. And while ‘better late than never’ may come to mind, relying on regulation and government intervention to drive the direction of an industry is a lazy and … Read More

How to invest like the wealthy for half the price

The finance industry has evolved a lot in recent history, but the idea that investing is just for the wealthy still lingers. The idea that you’re on your own if you don’t have over a certain amount of money in your bank account, or that you need a high profile job to qualify for such … Read More

The digital revolution

When did you last use the yellow pages? Or an actual road map? I’m not sure either, but I’ve definitely looked up the number to a restaurant on my phone, and then used a satnav to get there, much more recently. And it’s not surprising, technology is so integrated into our everyday lives its use … Read More

Our manifesto for the advice industry

Advice is great – but more people need access to it. In our manifesto we’ve outlined the changes we want to see in the financial advice industry over the coming years.

We’ve launched – welcome to simple investing

August marked the launch of Wealth Horizon. The launch was an exciting and significant milestone in the financial services industry, and we’re proud of making it happen. We’re proud because we’ve been watching things go wrong for a while, and, up until now have been unable to step in and help. It feels fantastic to … Read More

The advice industry: a call for change

Holly Mackay, founder of The Platforum, recently resigned from her role and used her resignation letter as an opportunity to put forward her views on the current state of the advice industry and the impact RDR has had. She calls for straight forward, jargon free, affordable advice and we at Wealth Horizon certainly echo those … Read More

Is innovation in technology the future for wealth managers and investment advice?

Technology is key to bridging the investment landscape. It is already part of our everyday lives and many are increasingly looking online for investment advice. The challenge for wealth managers is to help clients to turn this data into advice that is relevant. The market currently looks polarised: full financial planning services sit at one … Read More

Investment risk: Investment in the stock market is not a suitable place for short term money and you may not get back what you put in. All investment carries risk and it is important you understand this, if you are in any doubt about whether an investment is suitable for you, please contact us. Investment in the stock market and any income derived from it, may go down as well as up.

Wealth Horizon certainly lives up to its promise of making investment simple to understand

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