5 reasons not to invest and 5 reasons why they’re wrong

You can make an excuse for anything. Why you’re late for work, why you haven’t started dieting yet (waiting to get Christmas out of the way first), why the spare room is still only half decorated. And why you haven’t started investing for the future. You’ve no doubt thought about investing, but actually taking action … Read More

September market commentary

September rounded off the worst quarter for global equity markets in around four years with most of the pain being felt from mid-August onwards. September was characterised by increased volatility some 40% higher, on average, than in July and August (using the VIX Index). Equity markets fell between 1.58% (Asia Pacific) to 6.95% (Japan).The importance … Read More

Investing a lump sum – what you need to consider

Investing a lump sum can seem a daunting task at first – especially if you’re not used to dealing with investments, or finances in general. You can quite easily end up being surrounded by a multitude of acronyms and opinions. And for all of the information you read, you’re still none the wiser. Making sure … Read More

Diversification and the re-privatisation of Lloyds

With more than 60,000 people registering their interest in the upcoming Lloyds share offer on the first day, there seems no doubt this will be a very popular offer. And unsurprisingly so! Shares in a household name at a discounted price – what’s not to like? Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and offers such as this … Read More

4 bad money habits you need to stop

Dealing with your finances is never going to be the most exciting way to spend your weekend. But, every once in a while, it can be worth putting some time aside and making sure all is in order. Often, our worst money habits aren’t necessarily through actively choosing, but rather by a lack of action. … Read More

Saving and spending habits: finding the right balance

Spending habits can be tough to change. But sometimes, in order to be able to save for the future, they just have to. ‘Sooner’ is always better than ‘later’ and that’s the dilemma we face when making money decisions. Saving money may mean delaying enjoyment at times, but it’s an important and necessary habit to … Read More

What fund ratings can’t tell you

If you don’t know where to invest your money, just a little time spent on the internet will provide you with plenty of investment material to trawl through. And, while it might be a good initial source, the sheer quantity available can be daunting and won’t necessarily give you the answers you need when trying … Read More

Are your savings going backwards?

A bank is a better place to keep your money than under the mattress – but only marginally. Of course, it’s a secure place for your money in terms of safety, but in terms of helping provide a secure future – less so. Pre financial crisis, interest rates were high enough that you could grow … Read More

The facts about fees and how they impact your returns

None of us like paying fees. And why would we? They always end up being more than we’d like. Fees aren’t always easy to work out and understand, and investment industry is unfortunately no exception. While you can’t expect to get something for nothing– you can expect a clear explanation of the amount you’re paying, … Read More

Just another manic Monday

As much as we tell ourselves we’re long term investors, and that market movements in the meantime don’t matter, it can be hard not to get caught up in current events. Especially with the media as it is. Even if you don’t need your savings for another 25 years, it’s never pleasant to see them … Read More

Investment risk: Investment in the stock market is not a suitable place for short term money and you may not get back what you put in. All investment carries risk and it is important you understand this, if you are in any doubt about whether an investment is suitable for you, please contact us. Investment in the stock market and any income derived from it, may go down as well as up.

Wealth Horizon certainly lives up to its promise of making investment simple to understand

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